I met Mary and Stephen at an Eric Hutchinson show at The Troubadour. They were also in the front row, and I overhead them talking with an accent. I had to ask where they were from (I love accents) and they had just moved from New Jersey. My friend Courtney and I were so happy to meet fellow fans and we all stayed after the show, met Eric Hutchinson and took some photos with him! We all exchanged our Instagrams and 6 months later I got a message from Stephen. He was going to propose to Mary and wanted me to photograph it! I was so excited (and a little nervous) to document this for them. Proposals make me (and I would think any photographer) a little nervous because of the unknown. Also, Mary knew what I looked like so we didn't want her to figure it out if she saw me. So, I wore a hat and a mask to ensure that I would blend in as a hobby photographer taking photos of the sunset, LOL!

Stephen, you did an INCREDIBLE job of keeping this such a secret! Mary's face is EVERYTHING in these photos. And the way you look at each other is what dreams are made of. I'm glad you both found your lobster!! Cheers to many years! xo, Deb